Commissioned by Leeds Beckett University

Following the success of Stand and Be Counted (Latitude 2017)  SBC Theatre and Leeds Beckett Performing Arts return to present a bespoke, new performance work for Latitude Festival 2018:

Manifesto Move!  is a multidisciplinary performance that layers storytelling, movement, live music and spoken word, that dares to voice our desires to mark a utopian end to capitalism!

An ensemble of 11 performers invite you to join them, in the moment, to create Manifesto Move! as we imagine a society where there‚Äôs no nine-to-five, no interest free credit, no payday loans, no deportation, where no-one is destitute and community is paramount.  


Devised and Performed by 

Dylan Boswell |  Leanne Critchon |  Rachel Feehan |   Jessica Ivison  |  Jaye Kearney  |   Heather McDermott |  Bethany Milner  |  Carla Morrill |  Lizzie Newton |  Molly Smith |  Emily Snow |  Charli Veal 

Directed by Hannah Butterfield & Rosie MacPherson  Produced by John Tomlinson 

Production Manager Adam Sas-Skowronski  Company Manager Maeve MacPherson  Stage Manager Chris McBride
Sound & LX Designer Charlotte Woods

Commissioned by Leeds Beckett University