In 2016 SBC Theatre Company became the UK's first 'Theatre Company of Sanctuary' in recognition of our work with, about and for those seeking sanctuary in the UK.

Working with City of Sanctuary and Emily Ntshangase (lead performer in 'TANJA') instigated a significant shift in our agenda as theatre makers. Engaging asylum seekers, refugees and those new to Britain is our priority and a key principal for the type of work we make, who it’s with and who it’s for.

We pledge to ensure that all theatre work we are connected with is accessible and welcoming to sanctuary seekers and those new to the UK, by:

  • Offering workshops to connect with our work and to support the development of communication skills, develop confidence in sharing individual stories, meet people in similar circumstances and the wider community, and promote cross-cultural experiences and ways of working.
  • Offering work placements and paid opportunities to those who came to the UK as an asylum seeker.

  • Continued understanding and ambassadors of the work that City of Sanctuary does across the UK.
  • Support and challenge other venues and art organisations to become involved in this work.
  • A network of skilled and professional artists, theatre-makers and creatives who can follow us in putting those seeking sanctuary at the top of their priority list. We have now launched the Welcome Consortium, bringing fellow Theatre Companies of Sanctuary together to share best practice and ways of working.
  • Generate a Best Practice Toolkit via our Welcome Consortium to account for the lack of current national guidelines.
  • Make tickets available specifically for these communities and individuals.