Touring Autumn 2018

When every citizen is ordered to return to their place of birth, ‘Where We Began’ examines where we could end up.

The UK’s first Theatre Company of Sanctuary, Stand and Be Counted present a wild and vivid vision of the future, combining storytelling, movement and live music. Five performers from across the globe challenge existing notions of ‘home’ in this multilingual celebration of personal identity.

Winner of Bridging The Gap, 'Where We Began' will tour Autumn 2018.


Performers:  Shireen Farkhoy   |  Zoe Katsilerou  |  Gael Le Cornec  |  Rosie MacPherson  |  Tafadzwa Muchenje

Writer:  Rosie MacPherson

Director:  Hannah Butterfield

Producer:  John Tomlinson